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Martin Gorst - Series Producer

Windfall Films



'Suzanne's work as a language consultant was invaluable in making the Dutch version of our series ‘Countdown to Collision’.


She recorded the guide voice-over in Dutch, corrected translations, advised on captions and attended the voice-over recording sessions with the presenter Sebastiaan Labrie.


Her care and attention to detail ensured that everything went smoothly. I'd certainly work with her again.'

Language consultancy and voice-over work are essentially two sides of the same coin.


Both are spent in a recording studio with the voice-over artist behind the microphone in the sound booth and the language consultant next to the director in the editing suite.


The voice-over artist delivers the script whilst the language consultant analyses and comments. He or she acts as the ears of the director, who may not understand the language in which the recording is made. Pronunciation, emphasis and dynamics are all performance aspects the language consultant will listen out for and comment on.


Suzanne has spent equal amounts of time on either side of the glass. As a voice-over artist, she has voiced different characters in numerous infomercials; acted the part of Anita Roddick in Body Shop training videos; brought to life instructionals for medical and dental equipment; and recorded the guide voice-over for an 8-part Discovery Channel series. She also worked as language consultant on this series, as well as on the recording of instructionals for MS Office; and on shoots and recordings for commercials for multinational brands. 


To book Suzanne for a voice-over session or as a language consultant, give her a call or email her.


and Language Consultancy

Suzanne Jansen Narrative Reel (Dutch and English) - 1' 42

Suzanne Jansen Commercial Reel (Dutch and English) - 1' 36

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Suzanne's voice is lively, warm, and re-assuring.